NVIDIA 1060 driver not compatible with windows 11

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on windows build : 22000.194

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Try updating it via Nvidia GeForce Experience
As well might be lacking some other drivers. had similar issue with Windows 7 back in a day when I had to install Intel GPU drivers first and only then it allowed installing GeForce GPU drivers. Might be worth looking in to it if you have double GPU setup

For information:

1. I'm on a laptop
2. My bios is not recognising it
3. Yesterday it worked normal..

I tried this things so far:
1. I tried to install fresh copy of windows
2. I tried updating BIOS via exe file

3. I tried updating it with BIOS flash tool
4. I tried with default settings of the BIOS
5. I oppened my laptop cleaned it and I applied new termal paste

6. Tried with drivers from the official website of the manufacter
7. Tried with geforce experience

So far nothing

so if anyone have the same issue, it can try all the steps i mentioned.

If somebody knows anything i missed let me know I will be very thankful

Do you see it in device manager as unrecognized device or it des not exist in there at all?
If it does not show up in Device manager at all check in BIOS might be turned off. (did it to myself once when I was drunk and took 2 weeks to find it :D )
if device manager and Bios does not see it my best guess would be that GPU died
nice :D,
I tried to reset the default settings in the bios, and it doesn't show in device manager.
Tried to update the intel graphic and still nothing.
There are two option:

1. Something is wrong with the windows verison and drivers
2. It's dead :(

I can't find other things to try..
Try installing Windows 10 to check
If it does not show up on Windows 10 then its sadly option 2 :\

It's almost better than you don't install the 472.12 driver. It's buggy and causes Windows 11 to not utilize the graphics card at all for gaming. I went from having 144+ FPS to less than 10 in everything I did. Programs were unusable. I had to wipe the driver and revert back to the 471.96 version.


Also, if you are manually downloading the graphics driver installer from Nvidia's site, Windows 11 uses DCH drivers, not the standard driver.