Number of Icon Rows on Frequently used Apps page changes on Launcher or Android Update

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Microsoft Launcher

Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018)

Android 9


In this release and a number of earlier releases, the setting for the number of rows of icons on the home screen is not respected on the Frequently used Apps page after either an update to Launcher or an update to Android (including monthly security updates). 


I normally have six rows of icons displayed. After any of these updates, it changes to five rows being displayed on the Frequently used Apps page, plus a blank area where the sixth row would be.


I have to go into the home page settings and change the number of rows to a different value, then change it back to six and finally restart Launcher. After that I am back to six rows as expected.


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The update to did not change the number of rows. I will continue to monitor in future updates, but I hope this means the problem has been resolved.

Launcher and several versions before this have started having this problem again. It seems to be particularly frequent with four columns and six rows. I haven't seen it yet with other combinations, but I usually have 4 x 6.



Version continues to have this problem