Notification badge issues MIUI 11 Global Stable ROM v11.0.3.0.QEAMIXM

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XIAOMI MI 8, UNROOTED, MIUI 11 Global Stable ROM v11.0.3.0.QEAMIXM



Having issues with notification badges ONLY in MS LAUNCHER since OTA update to MIUI 11 Global Stable ROM v11.0.3.0.QEAMIXM a few days ago. No such issue in stock launcher or other launcher.


Basically what happens is that notification badges disappear (though notificatiosn still keep coming in because I hear the sound click when notification arrives and also LED on the phone is blinking, indicating notification, It is only notification badges with numbers that disappear in MS LAUNCHER).


When I switch to other launcher e.g. stock launcher, notification badges appear again, switching back to MS LAUNCHER notification badges disappear. Notification access is granted for MS LAUNCHER in the system settings, but "SHOW NOTIFICATION BADGES" turns itself off. This is random. I have to force stop MS LAUNCHER and restart it, in order to be able to get the notification badges working again. Phone restart is not necessary, only force stop and restart of MS LAUNCHER. Hours later, the same thing happens again.


What I tried so far:

- Reboot phone

- Turn phone off and on 

- Clear data and cache on MS LAUNCHER

- Update to newest version of MS LAUNCHER

- Uninstall and reinstall MS LAUNCHER

--- Force close and restart MS LAUNCHER - works as temp solution, problem reappears hours later


Attached are screenshots of

1) MS LAUNCHER No notification badges showing

2) Switching to stock launcher, notification badges show

3) Force stopping and restarting MS LAUNCHER, notifications start to show up again

4) Screenshot of "notfication badges enabled"

4) Screenshot of "notfication badges disabled" - cannot enable regardless if I try, only force closing launcher and starting it again resolves the issue

















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Hey there! I'm suffering the exact same issue. I have given MS Launcher permission to read other app notifications, and the setting is enabled. But after a while the setting just disables itself and I cannot enable it back until I reboot the phone.

From other post, I have Microsoft Launcher auto-start permissions which should fix it. I'll come back in a few days to confirm.

The setting you need to enable is located here:

Settings -> Applications -> Manage applications -> Microsoft Launcher -> Auto start.