No Press and Hold Menu on Frequently used apps Page

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@Ann_Yao_680 In earlier releases I could press and hold an app icon on the Frequently used apps page to bring up the options for the app. The behavior was the same as for a Home page. This no longer seems to work. 


The Frequently used apps page seems to have lost much of the functionality it had in the earlier version, as reported in other posts.


Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018)

Android 9

Microsoft Launcher 6.2.200706.89869

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Hi, thanks for your suggestion. We will consider it and try to improve our launcher in the new version.

I have the same downgrade after I got the new 6.2 version today (was on 5.x).


All my icons on the Frequently Used Apps page had reset to un-customised defaults (even though in the app drawer they're still fine), and the long-press menu isn't there to put them back again, nor to manually hide apps in the page, so apps that are also in the dock or that I only ever access from notifications take up space.


This is a major disappointment, and a source of inconsistencies, perhaps in the name of simplification? I don't know. People all seem to use Launcher in different ways, but it looks like this usecase has been overlooked in the new major version. Seriously considering downgrading back to 5.x