No internet when coming back from standby

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I use an Asus, Tuf Gaming, AMD Ryzen 7 4800H with Radeon Graphics 2.90 GHz. I regret updating to Windows 11. Here is the issue I keep facing.


My internet doesn't work when my computer turns on or comes out of hibernation/standby. When I am on the lock screen there is internet. I can see the weather is updated and the wifi icon is lit. After entering my account the internet goes nil. My current work around is to restart my laptop. When I restart my laptop my internet works fine. I have had an issue a couple times where it dropped off after a few hours of use. That one is rare.


I have tried to reset my network connection. This did not fix it. When I reset my network connection (following the instructions I've seen around) it made it worse! The computer didn't recognize the hardware onboard. I had to revert back to my previous save. 


I'm going to try resetting the network connection again, but then restart my lappy. (I'm not sure if I had done that the previous time). 


Any suggestions? 

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