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First off I'd like to thank all those that make Microsoft launcher possible. I absolutely love it excluding one small issue. In the app drawer I like to have my apps in folders as I find they are much easier to find then scrolling through every app on my phone. As I add new apps I cannot add them to a folder by a simple drag and drop. I have to open the folder then search for the new app and scroll through every available app to find it. Right now when an app is selected if I were to try and drag it to a new folder it automatically goes to the home screen to be added there. Can this be changed so I can move it to a folder within the app drawer?
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Hi, @gardner: thanks for your feedback, currently the drag app and drop to a folder gesture is conflict with drag an app and place to the home screen gesture, we think the later are still more often than the first one, one option is when long press the app and drag, it goes to home screen, when short press and drag the app, it move within the app drawer, but currently the long press the app invoke the context menu. so we still need to define a good path of user interaction here.