Network Connectivity Errors after updating to Windows 11

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Greetings, everyone!


After updating to Windows 11, I IMMEDIATELY began having network connectivity issues.  The only time I have encountered errors like these is when my router has temporarily dropped out.  I understand that these things happen with updates, but it’s very frustrating because it is a CONSTANT error with which I begrudgingly just have to deal because I can’t find any resources that directly address this.


These errors come in the form of “Hmm.  We’re having trouble finding that site,” or “Hmmm… can’t reach this page,” on FireFox and Edge, respectively.  Those are the only two browsers I’ve used, and thus far, Edge is edging out FireFox in terms of frequency of error:smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes:.  I’m running a system that was working pretty flawlessly on Windows 10, save a few small things that never got in the way of my daily productivity by a long shot.  I have not encountered this issue on my iphone running on wifi.


These errors do not discriminate, and have presented themselves at a wide range of websites.  These errors occur both when entering an address/search directly into the address bar, or when clicking a link.  Sometimes, it will get it together and load on its own, and other times, I have to refresh the tab in order for it to load.


I have attached screenshots of the freaking error that is currently plaguing my virtual life.  Does anyone know of a fix for this?  Restarting did not change anything, and my network adapter is apparently up to date.  Please let me know what further information you need from me.  Any help would be greatly appreciated; thank you in advance.


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