My windows 11 taskbar disappear

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My name is akbar.

I just try the windows 11 beta two weeks ago.
The windows is working well until today.
Right now i cant access the taskbar, it keeps display loading cursor whenever i drag the cursor into it. The taskbar itself displayed with blank taskbar.
The windows button is not working as well.
I can access the file explorer using task manager btw.

What should i do?
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I was able to roll it back by opening Control Panel via the Task Manager (File > Open new task and type in “control”) and going to Review your computer’s status (under System and Security) > Recovery > Open System Restore and undoing the latest system update.

Alternatively, pressing ctrl+alt+del and shift+clicking on Restart will give you the option to run the system restore before restarting.

This doesn’t work for everyone it seems, but I hope it helps someone.
Hi Metalutionary,

Thanks for the fast reply.
Im trying it right now.
I hope it will work to me as well.

Thanks and Regards,