My laptop spontaneously hibernates

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I factory reset my Dell laptop. It has a 128GB SSD and a 1TB conventional HDD.  During the clean install, I redirected all data folders to D: and then accepted the offer to install Windows 11. 

I'm migrating between cloud storage providers so I started to upload my data to the new provider, which was estimated to take 10-15 hours so I left it unattended but plugged it into power to continue with the task overnight.   I had set my power plan never to put the computer to sleep when plugged in.

The next morning, I found that the laptop had hibernated.

I went through all my screen and sleep options and my old and power button options to make sure hibernate was not specified in any circumstance and left the laptop unattended during the daytime ( in case inactive hours were implicated) but experienced the same behaviour.

Has anyone else encountered spontaneous hibernation?  Is there a setting I've missed?





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