Multiple bugs noted

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Before I tell you the bugs I noticed in windows 11, I am using a new gaming laptop which just 1 month old having AMD ryzen 5 5000 series processor. So there is no chance of any hardware, or old generation issue.

so lets begin:

1. While switching form one local account to other cause black screen. I had to force shut down and restart my pc.

2. After not using pc for about 5 minutes causes slow down.

3. The refresh is slightly delayed. Meaning after clicking refresh It takes aprox 1 sec to actually refresh.

4. right clicking on desktop sometimes leaves the dropdown menu of 'new' .


There are some problems that I like to state which are not bugs but are not convenient for the user:

1. one has to right click only on windows logo to open menu for task manager, disk manager, terminal, etc which could be done by right clicking anywhere in taskbar in windows 10.

2.The search  in windows 11 is much much slower than windows 10.

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