Multi desktops animation and backgrounds is broken

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When I set a background for each desktop I created, sometimes I tried to move between the desktops by using shortcut (Windows key + Ctrl + Left OR Right arrow key) its reset all desktop's backgrounds to the latest desktop background I was working at.


also, the blur animation effect not working when I moving between desktops until I changed the backgrounds from picture to solid color and re-choose picture again, and then the blur effects came back. 


in addition, sliding transition when I move between not exists and that so annoying and ruing my workspace cuz without sliding effects I can't know if I moved to the next desktop or not which makes me hover all the time on the taskbar desktops icon to know where I'm, this is not a professional way and takes a lot of time and sometimes I choose the wrong desktop when I'm hovering on it by mistake, please we need sliding effect to get back it's so much important.

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