MS Paint not working in Greek version of Windows 11

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Hello people
I would like to address an issue that I have faced in windows 11, which I have installed recently.
While everything works like a charm, the MS Paint app doesn't work, and when opened remains frozen before closing by itself after a few seconds.....this is an issue in my language (Greek), but if I switch to English it works like normal.
Please fix this issue, as I'm sure many fellow Greeks have the same problem as well.
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I have the same problem also and can't find a solution so far.
I have a the same issue with MS Paint. My pc has also the Greek version of Windows 11.

The only solution i found so far is to uninstall MS paint and install the 3d version of it. The 3d paint seems to work fine. 


Thank you for your response. Indeed, the 3d version of Ms Paint works fine and for me.



I have the same problem and the only way to use the Paint app seems to be to change the prefered language in Settings->Time and language->Region & language and move the English language first (above the Greek). Then ths app will change in English and works fine. Also all the store apps will change in English. It doesn't need restart or logout for the settings to apply and it doesn't change the display language of Windows.

Thank you very much! Very useful comment.



I have already  installed Paint 3d, but I cannot find the eraser tool, which is very necessary to me.


As of current, this link works ----> This version is just like the one in windows 7/8.1/10 and is completely functional. All of us facing issues will have no problem with this one.