minisearch host process bug

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when the computer starts up the minisearch host opens and it becomes invisible, one cannot close it, causing the display region not to be accessible with the mouse, closing the process causes it to restart and the problem is solved. No corrupt files, no virus. Just a weird but annoying bug.

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I have the same issue, removing the root file makes the search bar not work so getting rid of it is a problem too...

Same problem here. I finally identified the annoying hanged window that overlaps every other window and captures mouse clicks, making that region useless, until you restart the minisearchhost.exe process and it resumes normal behavior.
The problem returns after a few search attempts and appears to be reproduceble by placing the mouse hover the mag glass, and clicking it, after mini search window appears.

Same thing here. I decided that the search mag glass is not really necessary and removed it from task bar. Search is fine from the start icon anyway.