Microsoft Launcher: Apps in dock keep showing up on the 'Frequently used apps' page

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I've noticed that the apps I manually added to the dock keep showing up on the 'Frequently used apps' page. Is this the expected behavior. To me, it doesn't make any sense to have the apps on the dock duplicated in the 'Frequently used apps' page. After all, isn't the dock's purpose to hold those apps I want to have easily available at all times, no matter how frequently I use them?
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I've found this behavior annoying too.
Hi, thanks for your feedback. Normally, the apps in dock won't show up on the frequently used apps page. Could you please provide us your launcher version, android version and device model? It’ll be very helpful for us to investigate and resolve it.

@Ann_Yao_680: I am not sure if you are asking me or @boroda74 to provide the information you are requesting.

Since I am the one who posted the original issue report, here's the requested information for my device:


Microsoft Launcher (Beta) version: 6.210402.0.960831

Android version: 8.1.0

Device model: Moto G⁴ Plus

  • Device storage (total): 96.00Gb
    • 17.88Gb used
  • Internal shared storage: 32.00Gb
    • 15.66Gb used
  • microSD card: 64.00Gb
    • 2.22Gb used

I am attaching two screenshots:

  1. Dock.png: I highlighted the apps on the dock that are currently showing up on the Frequently used apps page
  2. Frequently used apps.png: I highlighted the apps that are duplicating the apps on the launcher's dock

While troubleshooting this and other issues I am having with Microsoft Launcher, I tried:

  1. Resetting the launcher (Settings > Advanced settings > Reset Microsoft Launcher)
  2. Reinstalling the launcher
  3. Resetting all of the device's apps preferences
  4. Performing a soft factory reset of my device (without restoring previous settings)
  5. Performing a hard reset of my device (also without restoring previous settings)

Please let me know if you need additional information.



@Ann_Yao_680: Additional comments:

  1. I have consistently been using this launcher since mid-2015, when it was still a Microsoft Garage project, and I have always provided feedback and interacted with the launcher's team-members ever since, at least while the launcher's community was still hosted on Google+. It's not easy and straightforward to provide feedback on Microsoft's Tech Community because of the complexity of its functional structure, which doesn't work well on the mobile version of Microsoft Edge.
  2. The 'Frequently used apps' page feature is one of the main reasons I still using this launcher. Please do not take it away. I would definitely accept the duplicate app icons on this page rather than not having its features available.
@Ann_Yao_680, can you please confirm that the information I provided is what you need in order to analyze the issue I reported? Thank you!
Hi, thanks for your feedback. We are investigating it now and get back to you once we have any progress.
Hi, currently it's our design that only the apps in the first line of dock will not show in frequent apps. Let's know if you have any further queries, thanks!
Thank you for getting back to me. I understand that the current app's design enables the apps from the dock's second row to show up on the Frequently used apps page. In my opinion, ANY app explicitly placed on the dock should not appear on this page, even if it's placed on the dock's second row. After all, the dock's purpose is to hold those apps I want to have easily available at all times, no matter how frequently I use them. Is the app's development team still willing to evaluate suggestions/ideas? Please let me know. If they are, I would post it.