List separator changes every time I restar my PC

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Hi, I'm using W11 and every time I restart my laptop the list separator returns to ";" (which is the standar considering my location, Chile). I need it to be "," because if not Autodesk Inventor and other programs I use can't properly import things, it´s not a big issue but every time I turn on my pc I need to change this and with W10 I didn't had this issue, please fix it! Thanks


For people from Latin America, importing wires and harneses in Inventor is solved by changing the list separator from the control panel, number format, aditional settings. 


WARNING: Invalid type "text,text,text,text,text,text" specified for property "Wire ID,Library Name,RefDes1,Pin1,RefDes2,Pin2". This property was ignored.
ERROR: One or more required properties are not defined.

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