Launcher does not show timeline from new Chromium Edge

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As mentioned, since new Chromium Edge released, Launcher no more sync timeline with my PC.

Is this feature gonna be fixed? It still works when working on old Edge. But we all prefer new one.

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Hi, thanks for your feedback! Have you enabled the sync option in your new edge?
in order for Edge on PC (Chromium-based) to be able to show your history on Windows 10/Microsoft Launcher Timeline/Taskview, Edge needs to have History syncing enabled.

currently it is not implemented and it is said to be coming in Summer 2020.
Hi, the new Edge does not supports History Sync yet. But you can get the Web Activities extension from Chrome Web Store. Sign in and you will see the history from Edge appear in time line on Launcher and Windows 10. I am using it as a workaround until the sync becomes available on Edge.


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