Launcher Defaulting to Bing Search

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During the last week or so Microsoft Launcher has been defaulting the search engine to Bing randomly. I cannot determine the trigger that causes this behaviour.
Even after a few app updates it still happens.

Still happening in Beta v6.2.201002.92025
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Hi, please check our latest version :)
Hi Ann,
Thanks for the quick reply.

Is the latest version (Beta) 6.2.201002.92031 released 26th October?

If so, I haven't seen the search engine swap back, so that's a positive!

It's not that I don't like Bing, it's just not great for localised Australian results.

Great work on the launcher and thank you and the team for all the efforts you've put into it.
Hi, thanks for your further feedback. Could you please reset it to your custom engine and restart your phone to check whether it will keep your settings.
Hi Ann,

I just restarted an the custom engine has stayed as expected. Nice work Launcher team!

Thank you again.
The good news is that since the update on 10/28, the Search Engine in the launcher preferences stays set to Google. The bad news is that searching still occasionally loads Bing anyway.

Extra info which may or may not be useful: This happens less often than before the update (i.e. it stays set to Google for a few days now, rather than changing back once a day or so). Before the update, the Search Engine setting was changing to Bing when the problem occurred; now it always says Google (but still sometimes incorrectly opens Bing). Changing this setting to something else and then back to Google restores expected behavior. I generally search through a gesture (double-tap) as opposed to the search widget. Default browser is Edge, with default search engine set to Google in Edge preferences. Android 11 running on Pixel 3 XL. Launcher version 6.2.201003.92174. I am in the Beta program.

Thank you
Hi, sorry for your bad experience. Please try our latest build. If you continue face the issue. please contact with us. Thanks!
Over a week and all seems well on both my phone and my tablet. Thank you!
Every once in a while it still defaults to Bing while still listing a different search engine in the settings. How is this still a thing?
Hi, sorry for your bad experience. Could you please send us an email to We'll assist you there.
Please also attach us your current launcher version, android version and device model when you send us the email. Thanks!