Launcher freezes Google Messenger app

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When I install MS Launcher and apply a saved configuration on a Huawei P30 lite the standard Google Messenger app for SMS messages freezes. I can only open the Messenger from within the Google Play store. Deactivating and reinstalling Messenger app does not help. I use Android 9. EMUI Version is I made a hard reset of the phone and Messenger works fine until reinstalling MS Launcher.,

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@Strabus  I made a mistake: It should read Google Messages not Messenger!!!!

@StrabusI am further explaining the situation. P30 lite works fine with all apps installed until selecting MS Launcher as Standard Launcher. Then Google Messages freezes the phone when tapped. As I switch back to standard Huawei launcher, Google Messages works fine. There seems to be a conflict between Google Messages and Microsoft Launcher.  We have a second P30 lite (different user) that is not showing this behavior. Does anyone have an idea of how I may solve this conflict.

I'm having the same issue on my Oneplus phone with Android 10.5 and latest MS launcher + Google Messages