KB5008215 video driver issue

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After the installation of the update with SSU I am experiencing trouble with my AMD Radeon RX580 on PC startup.

The screen goes black and stuck on load. Waited for 15 minutes for no good.

After pressing reset, PC loads ok except for the video driver fails. I reinstalled the official AMD driver and it started ok.

Next time the same situation. PC stuck on load - reset - load but video driver fails. In device manager I saw that video adapter is marked with yellow warning as "not working". I used a "rollback" for the driver and it was fixed. 

But the issue returns now every time I turn on the PC. I have to reset, and then reinstall/rollback the video driver.


I use the latest official AMD driver version installed by original utility. Before KB5008215 installed there was no such issue

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i have keyboard not working issue. after installing the update it disables all my keyboard keys. i had to uninstall and restart the pc before everything back to normal.


Bingo. Thinking of it now I recall the same behavior for a short period. Yes. My led keyboard went dark as if switched off and did not work. But now it seems ok. Probably reinstalling the drivers somehow fixed the USB issues.

I also payed attention that reinstalling the video driver also impacts on reistalling the USB PCI  express drivers. Probably that has something to deal with all USB connected devices, including keyboard