KB5008212 Windows Search Issue

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Some of our colleagues reported that their outlook search is not working properly after 15/12/2021. I realized that they are getting the windows update KB5008212 on 15/12/2021. After uninstalling the update, the outlook search was working back again.


Thank you

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Any update?
Any news ?
I'm unable to uninstall the KB5008212.
The Outlook search problem occurs on many computers in our company (about 300).
Please tell us a fix or workaround as soon as possible.

Hi @Adot74 ,

please add the following DWORD to your registry.


DWORD name: DisableServerAssistedSearch

Value: 1


outlook search will work after restart your computer


Hi, thanks for quick response....

unfortunately the change only worked for one day. The next day after the reboot the problem persists.
If I run the indexing again, the search works for one day and then stops working on yesterday's date.

Do you have any other suggestions ?



Hi, sorry to hear that didn't work permanently. The only way to fix this issue permanently you should uninstall the latest windows update KB5008212. Make sure you pause the automatic windows updates for prevent users to get same update. Hope the next Windows update will fix this issue.

Hi, uninstall update not silving the problem. After shutdown the problem ocures again.
Rebuilding indexing also not solving problem.

If you reboot computer somehow indexing starts to work untill you shutdown computer. after shutdown indexing stops working. You need to restart computer or windows search service for indexing to start work again. but it works until you make shutdown for your computer.

Win 10 if i uninstall kb5008212 outlook search working back, but win 11 i uninstall kb5008125 or reinstall, outlook search not working.Now everyday i must go services- restart windows search to outlook search working

Sry my english is bad.

Update Windows 10 to 21h2 solves problem.

@kuzyo For me, unfortunately, the update to 21H2 does not solve the problem. I can rebuild the index database, but new ones are not added automatically. 

Microsoft has finally acknowledged there is a problem and has provided a temp workaround for this issue.

Looks like it recovered by KB5009543 which released at yesterday, anyone confirmed as well?

@FutoshiConfirm. After installing KB5009543 (2022-01) I checked on computers: Windows 10 21H1 + Office 2016 H&B and Windows 10 21H2 + Office 2019 H&B. Outlook indexing works again.

@piotrekc64 after restart your computer that issue have solved ? 

Hello guys. It is again not working with the new updates. :(

@vntanYes, after a reboot required to install the latest updates. 

For me, it has been working at the moment since yesterday.

I was not applying the registry change suggested as a temporary fix to the problem. If you've done that, you probably need to set them to default.

KB5009543 update has broke up L2TP IPsec connections :(

@Prozac71  yeah it's vicious circle.. 2 months of really, really bad updates for workplaces. Hope Microsoft will patch this asap. This week will be hell for IT supports. 

Me too. I installed first the 21H1 update, and immediately after that the search worked. Then it broke again after the next reboot. So I installed the 21H2 update, and the exact same happened, it worked just after the update, and then stopped working again. Someone in another thread suggested that this might have to do with 'old' versions of Outlook or Windows. I have Office 2013 which I purchased as a one-off. If this is a more or less intentional attempt to force people to purchase new versions or subscriptions, well, it might turn out people are not going to put up with it, and throw the whole thing out of the window...