joystick is freezing the games : Easysmx esm9013

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joystick is freezing games, bugging all games.
when i connect the joystick and open the game, it freezes the game, bugs texture and even freezes windows.
I've re-installed the driver, I put an old driver, I've downloaded programs to emulate and nothing, it worked perfectly on windows 10 now I can't play. I just connect and play the game and it freezes, then I disconnect the control and it goes back to normal , I already installed all the usb video and audio drivers, directc x, virtual c++ and nothing solved.
Please launch a different joystick diver!. The joystick model is: Easysmx esm9013.
I can't resolve ....
Games I tested: FIFA 2019, FIFA 2021, FIFA 2022, a way out , efootball 2022 ....
All freeze, and are not loading any part of the game, sometimes the audio bugs and comes out late or is muted, various things.


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