Internet Explorer 11 hangs on start after installing KB5005565

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Not sure if this is the correct place to report this, but we found that after installing KB5005565 on a number of computers (Windows 10 21H1, Intune managed) that Internet Explorer would hang on start. After removing the update, Internet Explorer would start again.


The computers use Internet Explorer 11 for accessing a RemoteApps site and using the RDP ActiveX control. It had worked fine with the ActiveX workaround mitigations for the recent MSHTML issue, but after removing the workarounds and installing the update, IE stopped responding on start.

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Having the same issue on 1000+ computers.
  1. @rsitzejr  I think I posted this in the wrong forum (it looks like this is related to Microsoft Launcher), but I cannot find the correct way to report it for the life of me.
@AaronRothstein I think we've narrowed it down to a group policy, just not which one. Makes no sense.

@AaronRothstein  - same issue here, and I can confirm uninstalling KB5005565 resolves the issue.  Only one person reported it so far, but something tells me as machines are forced to reboot over the weekend we'll have a lot more complaints.  Anyone open a ticket with Microsoft yet?  Please update here if you can.

@AaronRothstein - We had the same issue, it turns out it is linked to endpoint protection exploit protection. Adobe reader was also affected by this issue -
Updating the security baseline in intune resolved it for us
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@AaronRothstein & @Eric Hepinstall I updated these settings in Intune, this can also be done via Powershell and GPO

Windows Device Configuration Policy -> Windows Defender Endpoint Protection settings -> Windows Defender Exploit Guard -> Exploit Protection Settings.

The mitigation Policy XML was updated with a version taken from the latest Security Windows 10 Security Baseline.
Reference file -
MS Baseline

Thank you Matthew and HuwWigley - we will try this out and report back in the next day or so.
Confirming that this indeed fixes the issue. For future reference, what would the appropriate discussion be for these types of issues?

@AaronRothstein I would think this hub would be better as it was a general update that broke multiple apps (we had issues with Adobe Reader as well)

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