Integrated Teams app doesn't recognize my work microsoft account

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I can use the standalone Teams app with my work email address. It is the chat app of choice in our company. I can't, however, sign in to the integrated Teams app that just came out with the latest windows 11 cumulative update.


I am 100% certain the address is inputted correctly.  Perhaps its an issue with the licenses its assigned or because of the domain it was setup on? I'm unsure.

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@KickingAustin I have exactly the same problem.  Certain I have entered the details correctly for my work Microsoft account.


I can sign into the old Teams with the same details, but 2.0 on the Windows 11 beta doesn't recognise it.

I have the same problem. Have you disabled updates, services or something else?
I updated to windows 11 just for new teams app that i use everyday and not work for me
I have the same problem right now. Did anyone found the solution?

@tonAngelo No solution yet. But I did notice they included a link labeled "Get Teams For Work Or School" when singing in. This leads me to believe that they don't intend to make this version compatible, at least not yet.





I had a same kind of issue I solved it by removing my phone number and any other alias from Microsoft account except my email address and then it worked without probelm

My work account doesn't have an alias or a phone number and it doesn't work with Teams.
My personal account has both of those. Its the account connected to Windows 11, as I needed an account to get the Win 11 release to begin with.
Are you saying I need to disconnect my personal email and the alias and number associated with it?