Icons in taskbar not showing up

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Hey, I was using my windows 11 as usual but today I saw some creepy thing , Icons in the taskbar vanished away don't know why,Is it a bug,If it is I would request Microsoft to fix that up

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I've set my computer's hard drives to never go to sleep, as I remember the old Hibernate that Windows 7 thru 10 had, usually caused major issues. What I've found is that since updating to 11, that my computer is going into hibernation, even though I don't see a setting for this. When I get back to my desktop after "waking" my pc back up, most of the icons in my taskbar are missing. I can alt+tab to access the window, or press the windows key & select the program, but I can't use it via the taskbar. The only fix I've found which is temporary is restarting my pc.

I tried adding this photo to my original post, but it wouldn't let me. So I had to reply to the post in order to get the photo linked. There are 3 taskbar icons not showing up, that I pinned to the taskbar myself.

Windows 11 Issues.jpg