Icons in dock automatically move to left hand edge when moving icobs

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I have updated to the latest version of Microsoft launcher and when I try and rearrange the icons in the dock they automatically move over to the left hand side of the dock. This makes putting them in my chosen order impossible. Had anyone else experienced this?
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I've not had this exact issue, but I also have issues moving icons in the dock and home screen. It seems hyper-sensitive, so I have a lot of trouble getting an icon to go into the spot I'm dragging it to - and as I lift my finger off the screen, it often jumps at the last minute to a neighboring spot.

@TravelstopsI had something like this today. I accidentally somehow dragged the phone icon from the left end of the dock onto the All Apps/App Drawer icon in the middle of the dock, creating a folder in the middle and with no icon on the left end. Opened the new folder and dragged the phone icon back out to put it back in the space at the left end of the dock, but the moment I dragged it out of the folder (turning it back to just the App Drawer icon in the middle with no folder) the browser (Firefox) icon from the RIGHT end of the dock jumped over to the LEFT end where I was wanting to put the phone icon back. Not letting go of the drag on the phone icon, I kept moving it away from the left end, at which the browser icon jumped back to its place on the right end, leaving the left end free, but the moment I started moving the phone back to towards the empty left end again, the browser icon jumped there from the right end again.


REALLY strange behaviour - especially as the other app icons in the dock not at either end just remained where they were.


Eventually I just had to drop the phone icon at the right end, with the browser icon there jumping to the left end again. But when I then picked up the phone icon again and started to drag it away from the right end, the browser icon leapfrogged back to the right end and I was then able to put the phone icon back where it lives at the left end.


Something is ... not right about that.