Icons in dock automatically move to left hand edge when moving icobs

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I have updated to the latest version of Microsoft launcher and when I try and rearrange the icons in the dock they automatically move over to the left hand side of the dock. This makes putting them in my chosen order impossible. Had anyone else experienced this?
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Hi, thanks for your feedback! What's your launcher version? Could you please send us a screen recording video?

@Travelstops Yes this is present in both 5.2 and 5.3 beta versions.

Adding or arranging icons on the dock or folders have a bad habit of becoming a major headache, unfortunately.

Sometimes we try to add an icon to the dock and the visual indicator where the icon is going to stick do not appear or the icon sticks on a wrong place. This is exponentially worse when we se the dock to have 3 lines of icons.

Also try to add more icons to a folder with, lets say 50 icons, it doesn't let you - however, if you go to the folder settings you should be able to add as many as you would like, if the app icon shows on the list, because sometimes they don't appear...

Very inconsistent... :(