icon disappearance from task bar in windows 11

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Hi, I have been using windows 11 for about a month now. haven't encountered much problems but this one is quite frequent and very annoying. sometimes when i turn on my computer or wake my computer from sleep many icons in my task bar completely disappear. i can still click on them but they are not visible. i try refreshing the desktop but it still does not appear. even when i put it in sleep and wake it again it still persist. every time i have to shutdown and restart again. Is there any solution for this? or is microsoft working on any fix for this?

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BTW my computer has an i5 10th gen and ssd.so its not because of slow performance.

The same thing happens to me. No clue on how to solve yet.
My graphic card is a RTX 3060, the CPU is a i7-10700 and 16 GB RAM.

A simple workaround till Microsoft fixes this issue is to right click on the taskbar and then click on "Taskbar Settings". Scroll down to "Taskbar Behavior" and select/deselect "Automatically hide the taskbar".