Homescren can't close contonuously looping

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I download this Microsoft launcher today and realize that I can't find the close continuously looping homescreen option. Any solution for that?

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Hi, thanks for your feedback. What do you mean by saying "the close continuously looping homescreen option"?

@Ann_Yao_680 I think he meant home screen loops continuously giving us the illusion that there is no end. Eg: If there are 2 home screens say A & B when we swipe from A to B it is normal again when we swipe from B it goes to A, which is nice but if you do it continuously it feels like it is an never ending set of home screens. If there was an option to end this loop, it would go from A to B and would stop there and wouldn't go to A from B, giving a feeling of we have reached a last home screen. Both choices are good to have A-->B--->A and A--->B--->Stop.

Thanks for your great suggestion. We value your feedback and we'll try to combine it with our R&D, in order to provide a better production. As a workaround for now, you could disable your feed then the page will loops continuously.