Help, how do I print 6 multiples of the same image on the same letter sized paper in windows?

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First little explanation. My family and I are running an Etsy business and looking to be able to use another computer to help with designing and printing in Mass. I got a surface pro 7 just yesterday and was going through all the different little ways of trying to print six of the same image on the same piece of paper in more options while printing. But it'll accept it and it'll format the one image in the proper size but it doesn't actually multiply the image across the page when you print. Does anybody know how to do that? I came up with a long winded and not so elegant solution which involved opening six images in photos screenshotting it and then cropping it in so tightly. Before printing. It's not the best way but it does work. Does anybody know an easier way? Very much appreciate it.
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