Frequently used apps page and card - Duplicate icons

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This is still an issue on:


Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018)

Android 9

Microsoft Launcher 6.2.200902.91368


Duplicate icons appear on Frequently used apps page and in Glance view card. Originally reported on August 10.


Screenshot 2020-09-19 080013.png

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This is still an issue. I recently changed my home page layout to show all my apps and discovered that I have at least three apps that appear twice on the list of Frequently used apps. The distance between them varies from app to app.


Launcher 6.2.201202.93332

Android 10

Samsung SM-G781U1/DS

Hi, thanks for your feedback. Could you please provide us a screenshot for a better understanding?

@Ann_Yao_680 I included a screenshot in the original post. You will see the UPS icon appears twice.

Hi, thanks for your checking. Have you logged in work profile?

@Ann_Yao_680 I do not have a work profile on my current phone. I did on my old phone, but all the apps from the work profile had the padlock on them. It was good to have both personal and work versions of apps like Outlook. They both appeared on the Frequently used apps page and I could pick the one with the lock or the one without the lock. 


On my current phone, I have not used the work profile and in the example in the screenshot, neither icon has the padlock. And both icons launch the app the same way. This was the case on the phone with a work profile too.

Ok, got it. We'll look into it. Please stay tuned, thanks!



The duplicate icon problem seems to have been resolved on 


Android Launcher  6.210102.0.940491

Samsung Galaxy SM-G781U1

Android 11


Thank you to you and the team for resolving this long-standing issue.