folder icon view shortcut keys not working at all in windows 11

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I am able to use other shortcuts like Windows+D , Windows+E etc, but not the shortcuts for changing the view of folders.  If we right click and tries to change the view to medium icons or large icons, there itself we can see the shortcuts. But not working while pressing those keys. Its just not getting changed.

Added the picture of the options which I'm getting while select the view option. 


PS: ctrl , shift and the numbers keys are working fine in my system.

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@sundarserjohn dude, this is also happening to me. I use these shortcuts a lot! Did you find a solution?

@sundarserjohn actually there is a way to do it, but it is annoying and demonstrates that this is a Windows 11 bug.

Do right click when in File Explorer, as you did in your attached image, then do the shortcuts. It will work only this way but it is annoying to do a click before a shortcut...
thanks @sebastiandiazgg. But that's too annoying because it's supposed to be a shortcut. I tried changing back to windows 10 the issue is still there. Now the shortcut is not working there also, even the shift, ctrl and the number keys works fine in my laptop