Folder icon changes back to previously changed icon upon restart


When I change the folder icon and revert back to the default icon and restart the phone the folder icon reverts back to the previously used icon. I have also attached the screenshot of the bug please go through the screenshot.

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Hi, thanks for your feedback. Could you please tell us your launcher version, android version and device model? It’ll be very helpful for us to investigate and resolved it.
Launcher version: 6.210203.1.947450
OS: Android 9
Phone: LG W30
Thanks for your detail. We'll look into it and get back to you once we made some pregress.
I am currently on version 6.210402.0.960830 and this folder issue still hasn't been resolved.
I have the exact same issue. It also happens with the app icons that I have changed. After I reboot my phone it reverses them back to the default icons

Launcher version: 6.210402.0.960831
OS: Android 11
Phone: Pixel 3a
Thanks for your feedback. It seems a corner case. But we'll keep push it. Thanks for your patience.