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 On my windows 11 I am witnessing a bug which occurs sometimes. I added a video with example. When I am dragging folder or app to the side my mouse freezes and i can't move it at all, otherwise it will continue to gliding on the screen. Apparently i found that I can undo it with pressing any arrow key.
 Also on the record you may see when I start to drag there is poping up a second mouse cursor, which, i assume, is the end point for folder to drag to. As for the specs I am using windows 11 Pro 21H2 update, 2 24 inch monitors (on both screens I am witnessing this bug), ryzen 2600, asus rog strix 570 OC, kingston Fury Renegade KF436C16RB1/16, B450 AORUS ELITE. I hope you will fix this bug soon.

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Marks Kornilovs.

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