File Explorer highlighted in red without any actions pending

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If I'm not mistaken, File Explorer will be highlighted in red on the taskbar if there is a pending action user must take. However, I canceled the action, and File Explorer continues to be in red.


I had a USB thumb drive plugged in. I was creating an image on that thumb drive using Chromebook Recovery Tool. Once image creation finished, I saw File Manager popup with an alert something like "Windows needs to format drive D to read it". I wasn't sure what it was, I clicked on the format button. It opened the default window to format a drive. I did not want to format it, so I clicked cancel.


Even though I canceled formatting, File Explorer remains red.




Closing all File Explorer windows did not help. The only thing that fixed it was restarting Windows Explorer process in the task manager.


I'm on Win 11 Pro. Version 10.0.22000 Build 22000


Thought I report this.



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