Feed News Opening Article and then Going White

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I am still having the issue with some news pages going blank after opening. If I then use Open in Edge, it works fine. This has been reported by others in discussion threads, but I want to open an article in Report an Issue.


It seems to me that if Edge is the default browser, the Launcher should open in Edge by default. Or at least that should be an available option to choose.


Android 9

Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018)

Microsoft Launcher


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I am now on Microsoft Launcher and today this problem was worse than usual.


About 9 out of 10 of the articles I opened from Your Feed -> News would go to a white screen after displaying the article for a couple of seconds.


Each of the articles displays correctly if I use the three dots menu and choose Open in Microsoft Edge to read the article.


I have found the News feed on Your Feed to be a nice addition and hope this issue can be resolved.

@ms4132 sorry that you are running into this issue. Could you please send us a screenshot of the blank news page?  

@Ann_Yao_680 Below are four examples. In each of these cases it was after I clicked on "Read More" to expand the rest of the article. The number of seconds until the screen went all white after clicking Read More varied and could be more than five seconds or less than one second.


One of these articles I read yesterday without it ever going all white, but today it went all white after about five seconds.




I encounter the same issue since several versions. Stable as well as the latest beta. The newsfeed turns completely white / blank by just slightly tapping it while (mostly accidentally) swiping just a tad to the left or right. This is super annoying. If I then swipe an article back or forth just to return to the original afterwards it looks fine again.

Latest Launcher beta on a Samsung Galaxy S10e with latest system software. Default browser is latest Edge beta.

Hi, just want to make sure that you still have this issue on the latest version @Sansaido 

@Ann_Yao_680 @Sansaido This is still happening for me in Android 9. Samsung Galaxay A8 (2018). I had not picked up on the sensitivity to a touch or that you could swipe to get the page back. I wonder if the touch sensitivity is related to the touch behavior when trying to tap and hold an icon on the home page. It usually takes me several attempt to tap and hold to get to the app context menu. It usually is interpreted as trying to drag the icon.

Yes, I do. Haven't changed anything on a OS level regarding touch sensitivity or the like.

@Ann_Yao_680 This is still happening on


While the news article opens in something noted as "Powered by Microsoft Edge", I miss the Share option that is available in the full Microsoft Edge browser on Android. 


It would be good to either open the default browser (Edge for me) or add the Share feature from Edge to this feature of Microsoft Launcher.


The Newsfeed issue seems to be fixed for me in

I second @ms4132 's request for a share option in the newsfeed, tho.
I've been frustrated by this "loading" issue for some time. The problem persists through various Android versions, hardware & browsers. I question if the issue is related to the loading of advertisements as 'content' is bounced up & down my screen before the final 'all white'. On my Samsung Galaxy S6Edge, these multi-page articles are UNREADABLE as invariably, they white out repeatedly. The navigation to continue reading these articles is painful. Screen jumping from ads, scrolling freeze & reversal by ads, jumping to linked pages instead of scrolling because of ad links..... having to start from the beginning of any article after a whiteout (presuming the initial link hasn't itself disappeared).

Besides the waste of 99% of the data bandwidth, erroneously linking off into oblivion & the risk of spam & compromising code, the design of multi-page articles needs to be outlawed or guaranteed to be a positive user experience.
Hi, thanks for your feedback. Could you please provide us a recording video for a better understanding? By the way, what's your launcher version, android version and device model?