Erratic Cursor Behavior - Win 11 running Publisher in Office 365

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New to this forum..

I have a brand new HP Omen computer that autoladed Win 11 upon starting it up. I proceeded to buy and load Office 365 to the computer.

When using MS Publisher, I had the computer connected thru the HP docking station for use of a keyboard, mouse and 2nd (larger 24") computer screen.

I was editing on the 2nd screen and the cursor became erratic in its movements. Specifically, I was trying to resize a Text Box by making it smaller. I grabbed the bottom handle of the Text Box and dragged it up to reduce its size. I only moved a bit when the cursor jumped to the left of the active screen and totally moved the text window with it. I hit 'undo' and tried again, several times with the same exact result. So I moved the Publisher window back onto the laptop's main screen and tried this again. This time, the resizing operation went without any issues and I was able to continue my editing and work in the publication document. 

This erratic behavior has not been observed by me anywhere else (YET) but the computer is justa week old and I have not done a whole lot with it thus far.

I heard there were many quirks in Windows 11 so I am wondering if I should try to resort back to Windows 10 for a year or so until Windows 11 calms down. Problem is I don't know how to go back as the computer automatically loaded up Win 11 almost immediately after I turned it on for the first time.


Any recommendations?

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