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Dear all,

For the past months, I have been suffering from a major issue.

You see, whenever I'm playing a game, programming for work or just idling the PC, an annoying windows pops up for a split second and then disappears again, which causes any fullscreen application (like games) to exit and it causes my mouse to be unfocused.


Now, just a quick google search, or duckduckgo search, doesn't yield any results for my specific problem. You see, I have been able to capture the contents of this window and the process name is dscerrd, however google shows exactly 0 results when searching the term 'dscerrd' (Try googling it!)

Having done some research on Process Monitor and Process Explorer, dscerrd seems to be a utility which is used by Windows itself.

The path to dscerrd is "C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\dscerrd", but you can't see it in file explorer, and opening the program using a direct path in File Explorer even gives me a warning that it's a system file.


In the attachment is a screenshot i managed to capture within the split second that the window shows. You can see it has the text "Microsft .NET Framework Assembly Registration Utility...".


Recording processes in Process Monitor, I captured an occasion of the popup window again, (which seems to occur most often when I'm playing a game), and the processes involved were 'Conhost.exe', 'MsMpEng.exe' (which is the antimalware service executable), 'Steam.exe', 'GameBarFTServer.exe', 'Explorer.EXE', 'atieclxx.exe' (which is AMD software) and 'csrss.exe'. It seems to be something with the micorosft game service (?)

In the attachment, I have shared screenshots of Process Monitor.


Anyways, now with all the information gathered, I was wondering:

1. Is anyone experiencing this issue? Specifically with dscerrd?

2. Is there anyone who would know how to fix this popup? Or to point out which program calls this horrile popup?


I simply lack technical knowledge about these kinds of things, but I was hoping you might help :)

Many thanks!

- Daniel

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