Difficult to work with the Dock's second row while keeping dock hidden

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In the previous version of the Microsoft Launcher, I had populated the Dock with two rows of apps I use frequently, but kept the dock hidden from view and would slide up to show it. After the latest major update, the slide up to show the dock no longer functions and I've gone to using the "tap Home" gesture to show the dock but it only shows a single row.


My issue here is that in order to have the dock show more than one row, I have to enable the Dock to make it show permanently, then enable the Expand Dock function, populate it with my apps, then turn off the Dock completely so it goes back to hiding until I use my gesture to make it show.


It feels like I'm using a hack to make it work, but maybe the "expand dock" feature should be outside of the "enable dock" toggle.

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What is your launcher version? Actually, we have added it back in the latest build. Please stay tuned, thanks!

Yes, I have 2 rows in my dock, and if I change it to hidden, the 2nd row disappears...