Desktop Shortcuts not working

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Trying to add shortcuts to my desktop.  Firstly I try to find app location but I don't have permission to look.  I give myself permission to access my own files on my own computer.  Try again, find the file location (which can only be done through CTRL ALT DELETE, there doesn't seem to be any options any more for "open file location").  I then enter the file location on the "right click add shortcut to desktop".  It shows as a shortcut  on my desktop (though its obviously not the right icon, more of control panel type icon).  When I click on the icon it says it "scanapp.exe - system error.  The code execution cannot process because vccorlib120_app.DLL was not found.  Reinstalling the program may fix this problem."


Needless to say reinstalling the program did not fix the problem.  


The real issue is why is it so longwinded to add a shortcut to the desktop?  Why can't I drag and drop the program, or when I find the program why isn't there an option to add a shortcut.  Why aren't we allowed shortcuts any more???  I don't want all my programs on the task bar and I can never find anything on the pin to start thing.  As far as I'm concerned programs I use every day go on the taskbar.  Programs I use periodically I want as shortcuts.  

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