Cursor keep loading in specific portion of screen windows 11 make cursor unusable in that part.

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Cursor keep loading in specific portion of screen in windows 11 and make it unusable in that part we can neither click or perform right click action or move any box in that specific portion of screen.

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I have the same problem. It started to happen a few days ago. I hope someone will help us.
Folks, I'm no expert but I think I solved this: it was happening to me in the lower-mid screen... it was due a Start menu crash, more specifically in the Windows recommendations. All I had to do was clicking on the "more" button and suddenly the permanent loading vanish.

I hope this helps you all. Best regards!


I'm having the same problem. I noticed it two days ago.

I am too facing same problem from past 2 days

I got it fixed. I turned off my internet, restarted my laptop and voila! Problem solved. @dvcompro 

@starlord20 I managed to find a solution for myself: Try going onto your task manager and checking if your "Search" task is active, try Restarting or Ending the task, it should work, since for me, the cursor issue arises when I search up something