Cortana in Spanish should improve

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Check out Cortana's commands, as the majority are not working or open browser.

When I ask you the following commands do not work:
"¿Cuál es mi próxima reunión?"
"Mi cita esta semana"
"¿Qué voy a hacer este fin de semana?"
"Crea una reunión"
"¿Qué tengo después?"
"¿Qué tengo que hacer mañana?"
"¿Qué tengo que hacer pasado mañana?"
"¿Qué tengo que hacer el miércoles?"
"Agrega Ir a comer con Gianfranco en mi calendario"
"Agrega Ir a tomar un café con Gianfranco y Gabriel para dentro de 4 días a las 10 AM"
"Agrega Ir a almorzar con Lucas para pasado mañana a las 11 AM"
"Crea un evento con Gianfranco y Juan con asunto Charla motivacional para el martes que viene a las 15 PM"
"Reunión mañana"
"Traduce Hola, ¿cómo estás? en inglés"
"¿Dónde está mi hijo?"
"Muéstrame mis recordatorios"
"Dime las noticias"
"Muéstrame las noticias"
"Lee las noticias"
"¿Cómo va a estar el clima para mañana?"
"¿Cómo está el clima?"
"¿Cómo va a estar el clima para el lunes?"

Should improve more to Cortana, which is more integrated with the Launcher.
Cortana in Spanish can not send/read emails and send/read messages, can not be integrated with IFTTT, etc.
And when I say it should be more integrated with the Launcher I mean things like:
1. Since I have a widget to see what apps I use frequently, I should be able to ask Cortana "What are the apps I use most?" or "What are the apps that my child uses most?" or "What is the app that my child uses most?".
2. To be able to read some complete news.
3. Ask about reminders that we have an specific day.
4. Ask about a calendar event that we have an specific day.
5. Since we can use Visual Search, to be able to tell Cortana "recognizes my last image" or "Take a photo and recognize it".
6. Also take pictures and send them to my PC.

We also need things like an integration with Alexa, being able to ask Cortana to send a WhatsApp or a Telegram, to put music and others.
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Totally agree, it is now almost more useless than an ashtray :cigarette: on a motorcycle :motor_scooter:. I am glad to see people supporting Spanish from Spain :spain:. Un saludo :world_map:️