Chromecast in edge and chrome to a soundbar sutters


Hi, I have noticed that when trying to use chromecast to listen to music through chrome or edge it stutters, I think have isolated the event and I think it is due to a problem with optimization issue when working in the background.

When I play a youtube video, and leave it as is, it starts stuttering, but as soon as I open tabs and start working on them, the stuttering stops.

When stuttering stops, I change windows to something else, then the stuttering begins again, and it stops if I try opening a new tab in the corresponding browser where it's being chromecast from and the problem stops again.

Basically, as long as I keep working on the same brower, the stuttering stops, as soon as I switch windows, the stuttering begins.

I hope you can fix this, as I am used to working in different windows, not only on one window at the time and it is really annoying. 

My soundbar is the JBL 5.1 surround, but this only started happening as soon as I updated to windows 11, in windows 10 I didn't have any issues.

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Encountered same problem. Sound lagging/sluggish (using default TV speaker).
Have not had such issue in Windows 10. This problem surface in Windows 11 after upgrading.
Didi you manage to fix this?
Same problem here when I cast a tab from Edge browser. As long as I stay on Edge, everything works, if I change to a different window, it starts stuttering.
I have the exact same issue and it started after Windows 11 upgrade.

@shieldsit exactly! After windows 11 update