caps lock indicator not showing after windows 11 update.

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i have updated my laptop recently to windows 11 and after update capslock indicator is not showing on there any fix for this bug..?thankyou

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Facing same problem after the latest update (build no 22494.1000)
I'm having the same issue after the latest Windows 11 update.
Yes, Same problem.
After installing the windows 11 update, my CapsLock key indicator is not working

@ajitesh1998  same problem with me after Update

same problem. caps lock, num lock, scroll lock indicators are not working after update
same problem, and now,still looking for how fix it

@ajitesh1998 The same thing happens to me, the first versions did work well for me the indicators, but recently after updating they stopped working

same problem, and now, still looking for how to fix it?

@ajitesh1998 Same problem

did anyone try uninstalling latest update


yes but still same problem
Same issue here. I have not uninstalled any updates, only reinstalled kb drivers with no change.

Running build 22499.re_prerelease.211105-1550 with a Logitech keyboard(g815)
It works fine outside of Windows such as in BIOS/Linux.
Tengo el mismo problema y la computadora portátil de mi hijo también le sucedió lo mismo después de la ultima actualización de Windows 11.
Same issue here; indicator is stuck in the state it's in when Windows starts, but the key remains functional.

I'm using Windows 11 Insider - Dev Channel

same here after the update...........@weizDEV 

@ajitesh1998 i have same problem after lateste update and still looking for fix can anyone help.

Same problem here. Please quickly fix this on the next update
same problem, although num lock indicator is shown