Calendar "at-a-glance" is ignoring calendar settings

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In the glance Calendar overview I have deactivated Google calendar. But Microsoft Launcher keeps ignoring this setting and shows the Google Calendar in the overview, so all my schedules show up double.

  • Microsoft Launcher version: 6.2.201202.93346
  • Android version 11
  • Mobile hardware: Pixel 5
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Hi, thanks for your feedback. We are looking into it. Please stay tuned.
Hi, thanks for your feedback. It seems that the icon circled on calendar card is not Google calendar icon. Have you logged in other account in Google calendar? Could you please provide a screenshot of you Google calendar settings?

@Ann_Yao_680 Here you have some screenshots of my Google calendar settings. I have no other calendar than the ones from Outlook and Google.

Hi, thanks for your feedback. It seems a data issue. Could you please tell us have you logged in MSA account or AAD account? Is your account a gmail? If yes, do you use the same gmail account for any other apps?

@Ann_Yao_680 :

In Microsoft Launcher I have selected the calendars from the following subscriptions:

  • Microsoft 365 Family Premium account
  • Work Office 365 account ( 

In Outlook for Android, I have configured my M365 and my Work O365 accounts.

In Google Calendar I have only my Google Account, nothing else.


But: I use the sync service at to sync my calendar, contacts and tasks between my M365 and Google account, so that all entries from my M365 account are also in my Google account and vice versa. But this is only a Cloud sync, nothing that runs on my local device.