Bugs/Problems in Windows 11 Sandbox

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I am running the latest update 22000.258 and have the following problems in Windows 11 Sandbox (also in previous builds). Tested on several pc's


- When right click on startmenu and choose "Windows Terminal" or "Windows Terminal (admin)", nothing happens (terminal isn't launching)


- The apps list of installed software isn't loading: Settings, Apps, Apps and Features


And also a feature request :)

It would be nice if it is possible to install framework 3.5 inside the sandbox, we use sandbox mainly for packaging and some software does require it. 

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Ok, follow up on my own post.
I figured out why Windows Terminal isn't starting in Windows Sandbox (through right-click Start -> Windows Terminal):

Windows Terminal isn't installed in Sandbox. After installing it in the Sandbox (in my case via chocolatey, choco install microsoft-windows-terminal, it works as it should.

I think it is strange that the Windows Terminal option is in the context menu while it is not installed in the Sandbox. I assume it is an issue that will be resolved..

The problem of not listing the apps in settings is still there for me....