Bugs after the beta update

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Hello team,

After the recent beta update, facing a couple of issues in the Launcher:

  1. The Launcher is consuming a thigh chunk of battery, around 15% of the entire battery.
  2. In the tasks card, some portion of the task at the bottom of the list containing the due date and other info are being cut down.
  3.  The items in the Timeline take a long time to populate and the daywise events do not load at all...
  4. This is a suggestion, if the dock area which has been given a background, can be blurred as well, providing a great visual effect in the Launcher.


Day events not loadingDay events not loadingNotice the clock icon being cut...Notice the clock icon being cut...

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@Rohit Yadav Hi, Thanks for your feedback! Please send us CPU profiling report through: Launcher settings- Contact us- Help make Microsoft Launcher better-Send us a CPU use report.

@Ann_Yao_680 I have mailed the report. Please check it out...