Bug with app's icons on taskbar in the external monitor screen projection (extend mode)

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As you can see from the image below, the icons of the second screen taskbar are hidden but there is the button hitbox (the projection is in "Extend" mode). This is quite annoying...





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I'm having the same issue. My Surface Laptop Studio came installed with Windows 11 and I am connecting to 2 external monitors ("Extend" display mode) via the Surface Dock 2. Every time I connect to the monitors my taskbar on both external displays is bugged out and icons are not visible (notifications for icons still show). 




The work-around that I have been using is by going to the taskbar settings and switching "Automatically hide the taskbar" on and off again. 




However, it is getting pretty annoying having to apply this temporary fix every time I connect my computer to its dock. 


If anyone has found a more permanent fix, definitely share your solution!


Note: I tried connecting my Surface Pro 7 (running Windows 10) to the Surface Dock and I did not experience any issues with the taskbar. Therefore this issue is most likely linked to a bug in Windows 11. But with the release Windows 11 just a couple months ago, small little bugs like this are to be expected. Just one of the perks of being an early adopter. Most Windows 10 users will be prompted to switch to Windows 11 by early-mid 2022, so by then most of these little issues should be ironed out... hopefully.