Brightness issue Windows 11

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This is a very annoying new thing I have come across in Windows 11.

Every time I plug in or unplug a monitor, or restart my PC my brightness defaults back to maximum brightness. I have not been able to find anything online and cant seem to find any settings that allow me to convince the OS to retain the brightness at its last setting until I change the setting. Especially annoying when you are struggling to test out a monitor and need to spam the brightness buttons as it tries to blind you every time. Am I a moron? Please tell me there is an easy fix

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I have a similar issue. It looks that during plug/unplug a monitor windows updates screen brightness setting to this one that was set when I turned on the computer.

1. Yesterday before I turned off the laptop the screen brightness was set to 50%
2. Today when I turned the laptop on the screen brightness was set to 50% - OK, last used setting
3. I changed the screen brightness to 100% manually - OK
4. I plugged the monitor and the screen brightness has been updated to 50% on the laptop -WRONG (+ additionally on the monitor it was set to 100% at the same time)