Brand new laptop upgraded to windows 11 and my usb ports have power at all time

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I recently bought an HP Victus and when setting it up it asked me if I wanted to use Windows 10 or 11 and I selected Windows 11 and it loaded into Windows 10 while it downloaded Windows 11. Now every time I turn it off the USB ports have power at all times so my mouse and headset are light up at all moments and I have to unplug them every time. 

I contacted HP Support and they connected to my computer and try a bunch of settings but nothing seems to work and basically came to the conclusion that is a Windows 11 Bug and I either reinstall Windows 10 or just wait for a Windows 11 update for the bug to disappear.

Any suggestion on what I can do? I really like Windows 11 and don't want to go back to Windows 10.


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You basically need to get all the latest drivers, frameworks, updates, etc, but your post doesn't say what specific model it is. Here are some generic links that may help for now:


Intel Driver & Support Assistant ->

AMD Drivers and Support ->

nVidia Drivers ->


.NET Desktop Runtime (install both x86 and x64) ->


VC++ redistributable (install both x86 and x64) ->


Get the latest Java:


Thank you for responding, I just tried all that and it's still giving power when off
My laptop is the Victus model: 16z-e000 with the Ryzen 7 5000, and the 3050ti
any other suggestion would be very appreciated