bluetooth mouse and keybord lag

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Since the upgrade to Windows 11, I have lot of problem with my wireless mouse and keyboard they are constantly lagging. Sometime it's annoying but usable but sometimes it's totally unusable as there is like 5-8 sec delay on keyboard and the mouse is teleporting from one side of the monitor to the other, sometime it's not working at all, just have to wait... With windows 10 I never had this kind of problem.

Does anyone else have this problem ? 

Does anyone have a solution ?


Windows 11 Pro 21H2 22000.376

Mouse Logitech MX Master 3

Keyboard Logitech MX Keys

Logi Options+ 0.70.7025 (tried with the old Logitech Option too but the problem is the same)

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I do have the exact same issue. Also using the same mouse and keyboard. Extrem lag using Windows 11, having had no issues with Windows 10. I primarily use the Logitech Unifying reciever, which I even replaced as I though the issue is with the reciever. Replacing the reciever didn't change anything.


I don't see these lags when using my Macbook where the mouse and keyboard is connected via bluetooth. So I think the issue is a driver / software problem. 


Help appreciated. 

I had this exact problem:  Bluetooth Mouse and/or keyboard takes about a second or more to come back to life after idle for 5-10 seconds or more causing pointer to not move at first then suddenly jump. 


Here is how to fix that:

  1. launch device manager (for example from windows search)
  2. in the device manager window, expand "Bluetooth"
  3. click to select a bluetooth device that you have paired such as a mouse or keyboard
  4. In the main device manager menu, select "View" and then "Devices by Connection"
  5. Find your main bluetooth radio device which will be a few lines above the device you selected.  For example, mine is called "Intel(R) Wireless  Bluetooth(R), right click it and select "Properties".
  6. On the "Power Management" tab, uncheck "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power"

Hope this helps.  Please like (thumbs up) if this works for you.

It seems that I found a solution.
In the Device Manager, under Human Interface Devices I had a lot of "HID-compilant vendor-defined device" (5 devices). I disabled all these and I disabled a "HID-compilant system controller" too.
Since then I didn't notice any lags.
One day without lag now :)


EDIT: I had to reactivate 2 of the "HID-compilant vendor-defined device" unless some of mouse button where not working anymore.

But still no lag.


So you can more easily decipher what the devices are that you are disabling, you might want to change the view to devices by connection (instructions above).  For example, I have a "HID...vendor-defined device" under an "Intel Serial IO ... controller".  If I were to disable this I would see no effect until I tried to use that serial device.  Also, my serial controller has the "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" option checked, so I wonder if that could be an issue for you.


Did you try the previous suggestion?  If so, did it have any affect for you without disabling HID devices?  Another setting that affects the Bluetooth Turning on/off to save power is the setting in control panel:  Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Power Options\Edit Plan Settings -> Change Advanced Settings -> PCI-Express -> Link State Power Management.  Not 100% sure, but I believe that Win 11 changes this setting to "Maximum power savings" which very quickly and aggressively turns off devices.  I believe this causes things like mice and keyboards to be turned off when idle for just a few seconds causing the user to have to wait for the device to reconnect when moving the mouse or typing on the keyboard.

Something else to keep in mind:  I have seen complaints of some BT keyboard models being slow to reconnect after idle as well.  What model KB and mouse are you using?